I like to record the performances of the artists in particular locations, outside of the studio and in a particular context.

For this reason i've a personal equipment to do this!


  • Shure Beta 91
  • Sanken Cu44X
  • Coles 4038
  • Sennheiser 421
  • Brauner VM1
  • SM57
  • SM58

Desk, preamp:

  • Midas M32
  • Apogee duet
  • Apollo 16 Heritage

Digital equipment:

  • Apple Mac Pro Quad core
  • Hearback System equipped with six personal monitor.
  • Plugin: Fabfilter, Waves, Sonnox, Sound toys, Antares, Native instuments


  • Adam a7x or Genelec 1030 A.
  • Headphones: Beyer dynamics DT 770 pro (x 6)

These are my personal gears but I've possibilities to rent any type of microphone, mixer, gears or instruments.