Is more then 15 years that i work like a freelancer in some professional recording studios in Italy like sound engineer.
I’m honest, sociable, dynamic and with problem solving skills.
I’m graduated in computer science and later i obtained a degree in music technology for them to perform the work of Sound Engineer.
I work (since many years!) as a freelancer in the audio industry, both, in the art and music production (recording, mixing, editing, mastering) and in more strictly technical field, such as the treatment and restoration of audio signals (improvement of intelligibility, noise reduction, restauration etc.) or in the forensic field (working with courts, police, etc.)
Usually i use audio software like Pro Tools, Cubase or Reaper, wave editor like Sound Forge, WaveLab, Peak, DSP-quattro etc. I’m lucky to work in a studio where i can put my hands on a extensive park of outboards and microphones. I’m able to work with many popular mixer (analog and digital). I love my job and my experiences and skills (technical and musical), are always continuously updated (and…improved!)

I therefore appeal to anyone who have need of these services.




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